Hiking Trails
From mild to strenuous, Lake Oroville has several trails for the entire family to enjoy.
Dan Beebee Trail
  • See the Visitor's Center, Oroville Dam, Lake Oroville, and the Bidwell Canyon Recreation Area—all on the 3.1-mile Dan Beebee Trail.

Loafer Creek
  • Hikers can walk on the 17.5-mile equestrian loop trail that travels right by the Loafer Creek campgrounds. There is also a short nature walk that stays closer to the campground.

Lime Saddle
  • The Lime Saddle Campground Area has a moderate hiking trail near the campgrounds and close to the lake.

Oroville Dam
  • The Oroville Dam is almost exactly one mile across, making it a perfect place to get some exercise while enjoying spectacular views of Lake Oroville and the Sacramento Valley.

Feather Falls
  • The nine-mile round-trip trail to Feather Falls is a moderate, single-track trails with lots of ups, downs, curves and, of course, views. Bring water.

Trail Map

  • Download a map of the Lake Oroville State Recreation Area. It shows all the biking, hiking and equestrian trails in the SRA.
Other areas to hike

Lake Oroville is surrounded by outdoor recreation opportunities. Bald Rock and Table Mountain are just two incredible sights within short driving distance of Lake Oroville. (More)


Safety should always be a priority when exploring natural areas. Follow this link to see a list of safety American Red Cross tips for enjoying the great outdoors. (More)


If you need more information, please contact the Oroville Chamber of Commerce.